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Celebrating the Harvest

Celebrating the Harvest


It is important that everyone involved stays motivated throughout the whole garden project. To make sure this happens, put together a programme of celebration events (before, during and after the project) so that everybody feels satisfaction and pride for what they have achieved.


  • Launch an opening ceremony for the project. See the suggestions for publicising your project both in and out of school for ways to create a buzz around the project.

  • Vegetable Days. When each vegetable harvests, create a celebration that aims to reinforce its nutritional value, how it was planted, tended, protected and harvested. Create songs, dances and dramatisations that can help facilitate this process.

  • Competitions. Some of the ways to engage healthy interest is through competition prizes based on the first edible vegetable, the biggest yield, the healthiest looking green leaves, most pest-free plants, best kept plot, etc.

  • You could also create a booby prize for the biggest weeds!

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