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If in doubt, ask an expert! Here are two invaluable sources of support to help you through your gardening journey. Either cut through the jargon with our quick reference guide or seek advice from Louise, our Head Gardener of the Harrod Horticultural Kitchen Garden Project.  She’s ready and waiting to help via e-mail.
Even with all the help offered in books and on websites like ours, there will be times when a little bit of expert help and practical advice that is specific to your very own school gardening project will come in handy. There is nothing like speaking from experience, and Louise, the Head Gardener of the Harrod Horticultural Kitchen Garden Project, is here to offer on-line support when you sign-up for FREE. In the Harrod Horticultural Kitchen Garden Project, Louise adopts a completely organic approach to produce fresh, full flavour crops by working with nature and uses the traditional methods developed by the Victorians coupled with the new technology and information developed since. Just e-mail questions to Louise@harrod.uk.com

Louise is no stranger to dispensing gardening advice. She encourages thousands of Harrod Horticultural customers to learn from the Kitchen Garden experience and writes a regular kitchen garden diary at www.harrodhorticultural.com to keep customers informed of the progress in the garden, reporting successes and failures as well as offering hints and tips. Not only that but she offers customers on-line support too! The answers to the most common school gardening questions are listed below -

Composting school kitchen waste
Worms needed in a compost bin
Slugs in my compost bin

Fruit and Veg Advice
Growing tomatoes in a planter
Netting for an apple tree and goosebury bush
Carrot protection

Fruit Cage Advice
Roof netting for a fruit cage
No space for a fruit cage
Squirrel proofing my vegetable plot

tasty harvest
Pest Control Advice
Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer application frequency
Cabbage and sprout growing issues
Blackfly on runner beans
Caterpillars on strawberry leaves
Dissappearing carrots
Red spots on strawberries

Planting Out
Raised Bed Advice
Raised beds in a small space
Raised bed root invaders
Spacing in a raised bed
Spacing outside a raised bed
Are raised bed liners needed
Raised bed beginner

If you would like to search for advice on a particular subject and your query isn't answered above - search here in our help and advice library. If you are confused about which products you will need for your gardening club Louise has created a shopping list of the top 15 products she would recommend purchasing for a school gardening club.

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